A co-worker who makes the robots rock

“Veikko and I have known each other since 2001, when we travelled together on installation and commissioning jobs for another company. We visited countries, such as the Netherlands and Scotland, together.”

“I started working at NewIcon about seven years ago, while Veikko has been with us for a year. We are working as a team again, but the difference is that Veikko is the maintenance coordinator who arranges the maintenance jobs, while I carry them out.

We make each other’s lives easier every day, in order to make the customers’ robots rock. All I have to do is call Veikko while I am on the road and tell him what the issue is, and he will already know what parts need to be acquired and delivered to the customer. I just go in and replace the parts. We think and easily talk about the same things, so there is no need to explain work matters over and over again.

As a co-worker, Veikko is a laid back character who is at his best in problem-solving situations. If I face a recurring problem with a customer’s robot, I can give Veikko a call and ask him to find out what the problem is, together with our designers. He has the patience to get to the root of the problem, so that we can make sure that the problem will not recur. In this regard, our work includes the further development of robots to ensure that the customer always gets the best possible device and the next customer gets a device that is problem-free from the start.”

We make each other’s lives easier every day, in order to make the customers’ robots rock.

“You could say that Jarmo and I complement each other. On our previous jobs on the road, we both established our strengths and we assumed certain roles that have been useful now that we are working together again.

Jarmo is especially good with the customer interface, as he is a smooth talker, so to say. Customers often ask the company to “send out the Savolainen boy” for a maintenance job, as he is such a good worker. Jarmo is a survivor type, who can be given any job without any worries about getting the job done.

What also makes our collaboration easier is that Jarmo immerses himself in new things and takes the initiative. One time, I noticed that we had received a support request from a customer, so I started asking around for someone to take the job, but Jarmo was already at the site working out the problem. He had been on the road relatively close to the customer and decided to take the job on the fly. In addition to maintenance work, he carries out automated system commissioning and testing. Jarmo has also been involved in jobs outside Finland. For example, in late 2015, he was in Israel installing an Iso-Fixu.

We share a jovial demeanour that is typical of people from the Savo region, which may look to outsiders like we do not understand much of anything. We joke around while working, but we take matters seriously and get the work done.”

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Jarmo Savolainen
Commissioning Technician

Veikko Rusanen
Maintenance Coordinator

The article was originally published in the Icon News magazine in 2016.

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