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  • WE STAND OUT ON PURPOSE. Our business is focused on medical service automation. Our know-how and the technology that we use meet the high standards of our customers and we aim for continuous improvement. 

  • WE UNDERSTAND OUR CUSTOMERS. The design basis of our products and services is to provide added value for our customers in their operations. 

  • A SAFE CHOICE. With years of experience, we can proudly offer quality, serving our customers in the years to come. Begin the journey with us and join the group of achievers.

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A selection of our services

NewIcon specialises in professional medical service automation solutions and focuses on improving medical service together with its customers.

Sales and consulting Sales and consulting We are happy to explain how automation changes and improves the daily life of a customer. With examples and experience, a presentation of the benefits is easily understandable.
Design services Design services Our strengths are customisation and flexibility. Professional designers help the customer reach the optimal solution.
Maintenance Maintenance Versatile repair and maintenance services are scaled to the customer and the product. The service allows the customer to get maximum benefit from the product throughout its life cycle.
Installation and Training Installation and Training Cutting-edge technology requires expertise in installation and training. We also understand the customers’ business processes and aim to merge our service with the customers’ operations.

NewIcon Products


Storage and retrieval robot for pharmacies

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Storage and retrieval robot for hospitals

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Smart Medicine Cabinet for hospitals

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System for compounding iv medication

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NewIcon references

We offer our customers individually tailored automation solutions for their medicine supply. Our customers appreciate the safety, reliability, customer-orientation and innovativeness of our services.

  • Kontulankaari pharmacy
    Kontulankaari pharmacy
    “Our staff work more productively now that they are with customers and not in the storage room”
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  • Kuopio University Hospital
    Kuopio University Hospital
    Cooperation across professional boundaries and listening to end users
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  • Oulu III Hansa Pharmacy
    Oulu III Hansa Pharmacy
    ​“The Investment Pays for Itself”
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  • Viinikka Pharmacy
    Viinikka Pharmacy
    ​“The Storage Robot Also Prevents Burglary”
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