Technical support

Help with malfunctions, errors and operator training. Most software changes and updates can be handled quickly via the remote connection.

Preventive maintenance

The service includes predefined inspections, replacement parts, database backups and mandatory software updates required by the system.

Field support

Modifications, repairs and help with system issues with the agreed response times. The service guarantees the availability, good condition and compatibility of spare parts.

Stories from NewIcon

From pharmacy technician to service assistant at NewIcon

"According to the pharmacist, I worked in a customer-oriented and efficient manner. I received praise for the intelligibility of my instructions."


Anticipation and quality control are the keys to successful maintenance

Abroad, the retailers of NewIcon are responsible for maintenance. They are trained to follow the same service concept we follow in Finland.


A co-worker who makes the robots rock

"Our job includes the refinement of the pharmacy automation systems if necessary to provide the customer with the best system possible."


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