Pharmacy Automation Purchasing Guide

Having an automated dispensing system (ADS) is an effective way to handle the shelving and collecting of prescription medicines. Contrary to common belief, your pharmacy does not need to be large for an ADS to be a profitable investment. The seller of pharmacy automation systems will consult you on the matter of sizes and make calculations uniquely for your pharmacy so that the return on investment is worth it.  

The benefits of having an ADS: 

  • Routine tasks are accelerated
  • Employees’ time is freed up for pharmaceutical advice, additional sales, and customer service
  • The modern feel of the pharmacy and the fast customer service attract customers to keep coming back
  • Due to the compact size of the ADS, there will be more space for profitable products like self-care and non-prescription drugs

 In this guide, we will cover:

  1. When is a good time to purchase an ADS for your pharmacy? 
  2. Different kinds of input feeders that your ADS can have
  3. Output feature for your ADS 
  4. Understanding the shelves of the ADS 
  5. Where and how to place your ADS? 
  6. Planning for the cost of the system 
  7. Maintenance

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