Meet Iso-Fixu, the employee with zero day off for the last 10 years

Siilinjärvi Pharmacy (Siilinjärvi, Finland) has had an Iso-Fixu automated dispensing system (ADS) as a co-worker for at least ten years. The pharmacy’s operation has grown by 20% in a decade, but there has been little need to increase the number of staff, thanks to the efficient Iso-Fixu. The number of technical staff is also 40% lower today, as staff time is now spent on customer service instead of unloading goods. 

Pharmacist (M.Sc.) Timo Hänninen states that the Iso-Fixu has made an impact on the pharmacy’s business. 

“Without the Iso-Fixu, we would certainly have had to recruit more staff and make new space arrangements over the years due to expansion in operation. The fully automated dispensing system has brought us more time for customer service, as the system delivers prescription drugs directly to the counter. The Iso-Fixu ADS also acts as a tool for us to manage inventory and optimize inventory turnover.” 

A tireless and easy-to-maintain system 

In the early years, the system attracted great curiosity from customers; and the moving robot hand was introduced especially to children visiting the pharmacy. 

“Iso-Fixu is like part of our staff. It is an easy-care and reliable coworker who has not taken a single leave day for ten years. On rare occasions where there have been some problems, NewIcon service team is readily available. Remote assistance is immediately received or someone comes to fix the issue within the same day,” Hänninen happily mentions. 

Siilinjärvi Pharmacy employs just under twenty people. Everyone has quickly taken over the user-friendly automated dispensing system. 

“Of course, when the Iso-Fixu first arrived ten years ago, there was some skepticism in the air. However, the entire staff has been positive about it and the new employees have learned to use the device fluently. The system also signals to new employees that our pharmacy welcomes and is up-to-date with new and modern technology,” Hänninen says. 

Siilinjärvi Pharmacy 
Pharmacist (M.Sc.) Timo Hänninen 

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