It is fantastic to be involved in a business that not only improves medical service processes, but also does genuine good in the world. ‘We help people to help people’ is the value on which our business is founded.

The ageing of the population is a global megatrend that will continue to increase the need for automation and robotics in the hospital and pharmacy sectors. Automation promotes safe, efficient and rational pharmaceutical service. In addition, it gives the people responsible for pharmaceutical service more time to spend with the people in need of help.

NewIcon’s story goes back to 2007, when we started to make industrial automation systems. The very next year, we specialised in pharmacy automation systems combining our expertise in industrial automation and the pharmacy sector.

On the 10th anniversary of our company, I wrote an article on the journey of our company: Always looking ahead. The first customers to place their trust in us, Pielavesi pharmacy and the hospital pharmacy of North Karelia Central Hospital, had a huge impact on our story. They, along with many other hospital and pharmacy professionals, have contributed to the development of our innovative pharmacy automation systems with great enthusiasm.

Today, we are an international health technology company that has delivered pharmacy automation systems to pharmacies and hospitals in Finland, Denmark, Russia, Israel, Iran and China. We are a new icon of pharmacy automation, whose advanced software and robotics expertise is needed by pharmacies and hospitals all over the world.

Ossi Parviainen

Chief Executive Officer

NewIcon Oy

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NewIcon’s milestones


EUR 4.5 million investment from Highlight Health Investment Limited

General Icon joint venture established with Shanghai General Healthy Information Technology Co. Ltd.


Subsidiaries in Denmark and Great Britain

Market entry into Denmark

EUR 4.4 million crowdfunded public issue

Key Flag Symbol of Finnish origin


Market entries into Iran and China

EUR 8 million loan funding from the European Investment Bank

The world's largest automated dispensing system delivered to HUS Pharmacy


Market entry into Israel

First compounding system for intravenous antibiotics delivered to a hospital

First automated dispensing cabinet delivered to a hospital


EUR 2.3 million investment from Tesi and Etera


The company name, Newico, changed to NewIcon, from new and icon


Market entry into Russia


First automated dispensing system delivered to a pharmacy


Ossi Parviainen founds NewIco Oy

Stories from NewIcon

Chairman Suonenlahti: ”Floor it, high gear”

NewIcon´s board is in the process of preparing a new growth and business plan. To direct this work, we engaged a new Chairman, Mikko Suonenlahti, with more than 30 years of experience in increasing the value of growth companies.


CEO Parviainen: Milestones of a new icon

"Early 2018 marked a milestone in the ten-year history of our company. Our investments in internationalisation finally bore fruit, and exports topped domestic sales for the first time."


Chinese investment in a Finnish health tech company

The new investment continues our long-term strategy of financing growth and entry into the international market. In 2017, for example, NewIcon raised 4.4 million euros as crowdfunding from private Finnish investors.


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