Variation to work: health information and marketing

“I have been able to develop my areas of expertise as a technical employee. Thanks to the automated dispensing system, my working days have nice variation as I have enough time to also do other pharmacy tasks besides storage work. The robot feeds the medicine packages tipped onto the input unit belt conveyor onto the shelves and retrieves them from there as orders to the customer service point.

I think that my duties are more organised than before. In addition to unpacking items from the wholesaler, I have clearly planned working hours for assisting with sales work, guiding customers on health issues, preparing advertising material, cleaning and transporting goods. I have time to participate more actively in sales work, in particular.

I have also learned new technical skills with the automated dispensing system. Minor technical problems can occur with an automation system – especially the belt conveyor – that can for sure be overcome if you know how to use a hexagon spanner and a fork wrench.

All in all, using the ADS is easy. In the commissioning training, I was able to immediately grasp how it works.

Reliability makes everyday life easier

The robot has been a good coworker whose reliability is measured in extreme situations. We have found that Iso-Fixu is not disturbed even if there is a power outage. You just click the input module off and then back on again, and it works.

Another good feature is the air conditioning system of the ADS. The temperature difference between summer and winter may be as much as 60 degrees, which can make regulating the indoor air temperature quite difficult and threaten medication safety. In the automated dispensing system, the storage conditions of the medicines stay optimal.”

More information

Raisio pharmacy
Iida Pinta
Pharmacy technician

Photo: Raisio pharmacy has an automated belt conveyor from the automated dispensing system to the drive-in customer service point. Thanks to the ADS, pharmacy technician Iida Pinta has more time to assist with sales work.


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