The Mega-Fixu automated crate track cuts down manual labour done by hospital staff

Tuesday 9.6.2020

The Mega-Fixu automated dispensing system (ADS) creates a basis for efficient and safe medicine supply services by handling the shelving, retrieval, and crate packaging of medicine packages […]


A quality certificate communicates responsibility

Wednesday 30.1.2019

A quality management system is a tool for the management and development of a company’s operations. The world’s best-known quality standard, ISO 9001, is a good match […]


The medicines verification system roots out falsified medications

Tuesday 22.5.2018

Even one falsified medical product is one too many, says Maija Gohlke-Kokkonen, the General Director of the Finnish Medicines Verification Organisation, FiMVO. An EU-wide medicines verification system […]


In closed loop medication management, the goal is to get five out of five right

Thursday 17.5.2018

The core idea of closed loop medication management is to carry out the administration of medication in a way that ensures that the following five objectives are […]


Artificial intelligence to support medication safety

Friday 20.10.2017

The directive on falsified medicinal products introduces changes to the everyday tasks in pharmacies. In addition to equipment and system investments, a new task is added to […]


The digital artists behind pharmacy upgrades

Friday 2.6.2017

During the past ten years, the Finnish pharmacy industry has undergone a rapid digitalisation process. Many of the daily tasks have been automatised and they now take […]