Automation has increased cooperation between the hospital pharmacy and hospital wards

”Automation systems have increased cooperation between the hospital pharmacy and hospital wards. The hospital pharmacy is responsible for the medicine supply service logistics and the pharmacy staff replenish the six eMED ICON automated dispensing cabinets (ADCs) on the wards.

When people work closer together, communication increases naturally. At the moment, we are also running a joint project at the hospital to make our pharmaceutical service even smoother, considering the changes following the introduction of the ADCs.

Real-time inventory management of the automated systems saves time and money, as it means that we can track expiring medicines and place them on the wards with more demand, and the reports generated by the system make it easy to monitor our stock and the use of products.”

We have to keep moving

“Of course, as the new automated systems were installed, we were uncertain and had many questions, but our worries were gradually dispelled as we learnt to use the equipment.

For example, the Mega-Fixu automated dispensing system (ADS) makes our work in the pharmacy easier every day, as it takes care of the shelving, retrieval and packaging of medicines for us.

Technological progress is constant, and we must keep moving, too. Of course, uncertainty arises as to whether we can develop our methods of operation at the same pace as technology, and how we can utilize new technology in the best possible way. However, we should not avoid adopting these new technologies – I believe that we will learn and develop along with them

More information

Seinäjoki Central Hospital, hospital pharmacy
Päivi Tiippana
Chief Pharmacist
Staff: 22
Annual prescriptions filled: 120,000
Commissioning of the Mega-Fixu automated dispensing system (ADS): 4/16
Commissioning of the eMED Icon automated dispensing cabinet (ADC): 2/18 – 10/19


Caption: The automated dispensing system (ADS) manages the inventory in real time, lightening the workload of the hospital pharmacy staff and Chief Pharmacist Päivi Tiippana.


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