“World-class automation system developed with client in mind”

Published 13th of March 2018

“For our medicine storage robot, I wanted a world-class machine that would help us serve our customers efficiently. We opened the Bonusapteekki Pharmacy in the shopping centre Duo in Tampere in November 2017, and the first few months in the new pharmacy have gone well.

For me, the most important feature of the robot is the multi-picking feature, which allows the robot to collect and deliver up to 14 medicine packages at a time.

At our pharmacy, we want to focus on customer service and Iso-Fixu gives us a chance to do that. Time is not wasted looking for medicine packages, but instead our employees can thoroughly discuss the medicines with the customers. Our employees have also been happy with the easy usability and operational reliability of the robot. 

As the pharmacy is located in a shopping centre, we see a large number of customers. The compact medicine storage robot has saved plenty of floor space for over-the-counter products and customers have room to move and find the products they are looking for.

I also believe that the modern medicine storage robot has a positive effect on the pharmacy’s image. 

I’m happy with the decision to get the Iso-Fixu. It has been reliable and small issues have been solved through remote communication with NewIcon. The implementation was simple as we received a thorough induction from NewIcon before the pharmacy opened. There was no need to worry on our own, as the schedule and all practical issues had been planned together beforehand.”

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Bonusapteekki Pharmacy, shopping centre Duo
Iso-Fixu installed in 11/2017


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