Fixu G2 – The first automated dispensing system in South Korea

Pusan National University Yangsan Hospital has made a procurement decision for Fixu G2 automated dispensing system manufactured by NewIcon. Similar systems are not yet in use in South Korean hospitals or pharmacies, making the hospital a pioneer in its country. Several compounding systems are already in use in the country, so the benefits of the pharmacy automation have been verified.

The first automated dispensing system in the country will be installed in the new smart pharmaceutical logistic center. The aim is to create an intelligent work environment in the logistics center where employees will thrive in the future as well. Implementing automated dispensing system will free up the hospital pharmacy staff’s time from routine logistical tasks to focus on expertise-demanding tasks such as clinical pharmacy and patient counseling.

Impressive visit to Finland

The first steps towards procuring the automated dispensing system were taken in 2018-2019. During this period, personnel from South Korea’s leading hospitals visited Finland to acquaint themselves with, for example, NewIcon’s factory, Finnish hospitals, and healthcare stakeholders. The visitors were particularly impressed by the Fixu’s space efficiency, reliability of its industrial robots and the device’s user-friendly software.

According to Shin Hyung Soon, NewIcon’s Sales and Distribution partner in South Korea, interest in automated dispensing system has increased significantly in the country in the recent years. Soon believes that automated dispensing system will attract as much interest in South Korea as compounding systems have in previous years. The realization of this provides good opportunities for NewIcon to increase its market share in South Korea in the coming years.

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