96 percent of NewIcon staff consider their work meaningful

When Hanna-Riikka Laitinen joined NewIcon as the new HR Manager in August 2019, she learnt quickly that meaningful work is more than a figure of speech at NewIcon. 96 percent of staff at NewIcon agree with her, and they stated this in the staff survey.

According to Laitinen, the fact that almost all staff members feel that their work is important is a huge asset for the company. This experience is universal, regardless of their tasks, position or level of education.

“We are not only in the business of designing automated devices that improve pharmacy automation systems, we also aim to do good, genuinely. Our slogan ”we help people to help people” is more than a quote on our website; it is our guiding value and something we can easily identify with,” Laitinen says.

Diverse combination of experts

NewIcon employs a diverse team of healthcare and pharmacy professionals, engineers and other technology specialists from different fields, as well as professionals in finance, administration, sales, marketing and business management. Laitinen holds a BBA in international business and has previously worked in HR in different units of Honeywell in Finland and other Nordic countries.

“NewIcon is a young and energetic organisation with young specialists as well as employees with decades of experience. Our definitive strength is the diverse combination of expertise, skills, personalities and abilities,” she says.

At NewIcon, we will continue to recruit specialists with unconventional approach.

“We will continue to fulfil our skills needs by building career paths for experts at various stages of their working life with different education and experience backgrounds. Our recruitment is based on experience, attitude and will to develop, rather than trying to fit everyone in the same mould,” Laitinen says.

Ongoing development of job satisfaction and skills

The ten-year journey of NewIcon has involved various phases. The number of staff has increased fast, especially in the past few years. The company has made an effort to invest in the ongoing development of skills, operations and processes.

“According to our staff survey, most of our employees feel that their immediate superior is interested in supporting the employee’s personal and professional development. They were also happy with the support they receive from their supervisor. The survey results also helped us to identify areas that we should invest in, in order to continue to improve job satisfaction. One of our long-term goals is to systematically improve well-being at work,” Laitinen says.

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Hanna-Riikka Laitinen

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