An Industrial Designer’s take on a medicine storage robot

“The medicine storage robot has undergone the traditional route of product development. First, we concentrated on the basics, i.e. the technical and ergonomic features. Today, the Fixu robot is also aesthetically pleasing.”

“The design is visible on the large and uncluttered surfaces, rounded edges and the lack of unnecessary seams. These are the features that let every pharmacy designer customise the Fixu robot even to their wildest visions. High-quality design is evident in the smooth finish: screw heads are not visible, the number of hinges has been kept to a minimum and any unnecessary gadgets have been completely left out.

Together with the cutting edge technology, these superficial features make for a safe and durable, aesthetically pleasing medicine storage robot that will be a pleasure to use for decades to come. The easily approachable appearance of the device also encourages the personnel to use the device and may even make it less intimidating for them to learn to use it. Aesthetic value is not to be underrated either because it is always nicer to work in an environment that looks good. Not to mention the fact that a pleasant atmosphere is also an important asset for a pharmacy.”


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Juha Laaksonen
Industrial Designer
Has been working at NewIcon for 4 years



  1. Customisable look
  2. Timeless style
  3. High-quality finish
  4. Smooth lines
  5. Safe and durable appearance

The article was originally published in the Icon News magazine in 2017.


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