Best Innovation for Improving the Patient Experience: eMED ICON Automated Dispensing Cabinet

The eMED ICON automated dispensing cabinet has been selected as the best innovation for improving the patient experience, which is in use at the Odense University Hospital.

The hospital departments named 14 candidates for the first time organized Innovation Days competition, from which the First Aid Department automated dispensing cabinet in use was the clear winner.

Among the best five, there were innovations in surgical, palliative, internal diseases and surgery and anaesthesia. The eMED ICON dispensing cabinet competed for the championship, for example, with the CADD-Solis infusion pump that supports cancer patients’ home care, and the Talk2Care mobile application for communicating with intubated patients.

The prize amount of DKK 20,000 and the RAP (Rated Relevant and Ambitious Pour) Award was awarded to the First Aid Department, which acquired its first smart medicine cabinet from NewIcon in September 2017.

“We are very happy about the medicine cabinet. We find it safer to find the preparation you are looking for, as you guide through sensor technology all the way. We feel that the risk of medication errors is minimized. Sensor technology in the cabinet ensures that the medication used is used, and the information is used by the pharmacy for replenishment. By December we will have a new permanent electronic medicine cabinet where we will use our individual staff cards, which will allow us to see activities and history for who and when the cabinet is used”, comments Divisional Nurse at the CAP, FAM Kristine Kolberg.

The winner was selected by the Centre for Innovative Medical Technology (CIMT), which is Odense University Hospital (OUH) and Denmark’s most southernmost research and innovation centre (SDU).

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