A powerful solution to a small and challenging space: Kemijärvi Pharmacy

Published 2nd of June 2017

“I renewed my pharmacy in late 2015 to make sure that our premises serve the needs of our customers better. We have got a lot of elderly customers who need a rollator. Therefore, we switched to sliding doors and made more room for the rollators between the shelves in our customer service area. We managed to free more floor space by purchasing a medicine storage robot.

We placed the Iso-Fixu robot behind our four customer service desks. The space proved to be slightly challenging, as the robot had to be installed between pillars. Another thing that limited the size of the robot was the sewer pipe on the ceiling. Since it could not be moved, we were unable to select the highest robot that would have housed one more row of shelves.

However, we managed to fit the medicine packages comfortably in the storage robot. The products that did not fit in the storage robot due to their shape or weight were stored in a separate cabinet in front of the robot.

As we did not have enough space for conveyers, we use the hatches on the wall of the storage robot to get the medicine packages. This way, we were able to fit it all beautifully in a compact space.

There was also enough room for the goods reception area on the other side of the robot.

However, space was limited, and instead of opting for the automatic feeding system, we feed the medicine packages into the robot using the feeding channel.

Thanks to the changes that we made, our customer journey is now significantly better and faster than before. Now the retail pharmacist can collect the medicine packages easily at the robot behind their back, which has also made the customer service situation calmer and more organised.”

Pharmacy owner
Kemijärvi Pharmacy
Installation: 11/2015

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