Insights from Product Managers: Which automation system feature would you never give up?

Laura Virekunnas – Product Marketing Manager, Iso-Fixu

“The multi-product channel and multi-package retrieval features that are available for Iso-Fixu as additional options. The multi-product channel enables multiple different items to be stored in the same column, and multi-package retrieval allows the system to retrieve multiple packages and deliver them to the delivery point in one go. Iso-Fixu is a very advanced system even without the additional features, but you can reap even more benefits with these additional options.”

Antti Vesala – Product Marketing Manager, Mega-Fixu

“The Mega-Fixu robot is capable of delivering medicine packages to different destinations automatically, but I would not give up the crate conveyor that allows medicines to be delivered directly to ward crates. Mega-Fixu is able to unload ward crates from stacks and transfer them to their filling point. The closing of lids, and labelling and sealing of crates can also be automated, creating a perfect automation package.”

Timo Huttunen – Product Specialist, IV Automation

“The fast, accurate and seamless cooperation of robotic arms enabling high production capacity. In addition, the operations of the Twins robotic arms significantly reduce the workload of pharmaceutical production. The robots tirelessly take care of work stages requiring constant repetition with precision and speed.”

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