Product Development took speed and space efficiency to a new level

The most significant development step made in the product development of Fixu G2 automated dispensing system was changing the position of medication packages during storage. This change in the position of medication packages resulted in an increase in the space efficiency of the automated dispensing system. The new automated dispensing system takes up less floor space while stores more medication packages. Our second development goal was to increase the speed of the automated dispensing system, which was especially wanted for the critical operating phases of the automated dispensing system. I firmly believe that the space efficiency and speed of the automated dispensing system are features that our customers will especially appreciate.

Challenges were, however, unavoidable also during this product’s development. The schedule and resourcing for the product development of the new automated dispensing system were our most challenges. At no point did we desire to settle for mediocrity, which required making bold decisions despite the pressures set by the schedule. If a new method did not meet our high standards, it was rejected, and we returned to the starting square. However, we overcame all challenges, thanks to the top team within our product development unit. Our team is committed, and the cooperation is seamless. The focus stays on the right things and grievances are brought up boldly.

Throughout the product development process, our aim was to devise solutions that would support a smooth and swift operational chain from ordering the new automated dispensing system to its installation. After commissioning the first Fixu G2 automated dispensing system, we will continue to look the functionality of the operational chain and explore potential areas for improvement. Overall, I can say that the Fixu G2 is in every way more Fixu (means smarter) compared to our previous automated dispensing system models.

R&D Manager Janne Huttunen