In the beginning of 2017, NewIcon introduced an extensive Enterprise Resource Planning system. The aim of the investment was to boost the company’s operations and to increase its capacity, allowing it to respond to global competition more effectively.

“The ERP was a crucial investment for us in terms of continuous improvement. It allows us to serve our growing customer base with a modern method and to increase our efficiency by harmonizing processes and improving in-house communication,” says COO Juha Anttila from NewIcon Oy.

”For instance, the lead-times of products will become shorter. As the quality and control of our processes improve, we can plan the use of resources more effectively using the online data of projects. This enables us to achieve the predicted outcome more accurately than before.”

All of NewIcon’s core business processes are integrated into the L7 ERP system provided by Visma Oy. The system covers project coordination and management, materials management, sales steering, device management and coordination of maintenance operations, quality control, and financial administration.

“Introduction of the new system has required a readiness for change and the reorganization of work among our personnel. For example, financial administration processes are now automatic, and the purchasing section has experienced changes in job descriptions so that our human resources can be utilized in the most effective way possible.”

Another new feature is the cloud-based Visma LTR system for coordinating mobile work. It used particularly by NewIcon’s sales and maintenance staff who often need various information on the road.

“Personnel can access the system during their travels and can check the stock and load situation of the factory, for example. Even additional orders may be placed via a terminal. In terms of the customer, the response time is shorter than before and the stock situation of spare parts, for instance, can be predicted more effectively,” lists Anttila.

According to Anttila, implementation of the new system has gone smoothly at NewIcon.

“Training is still needed, but the personnel possess a strong drive and interest in the new system,” commends Anttila.

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Juha Anttila
Chief Operating Officer
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