NewIcon Hosts Yet Another Iranian Delegation

NewIcon Oy is rapidly continuing the formation of trade relations with Iran as the country’s economic sanctions are being lifted.

About six months ago, the company began a determined entry into the Iranian market and was the first Finnish company to arrange the visit of a ministerial delegation to Finland. Now, a new group of directors from the hospital and community pharmacy sector in the Tehran region are coming to visit.

“The aim is to get to know each other better and build mutual trust and personal relations. After all, business is all about human interaction, although deals are closed between companies. Everything comes down to confidential and open relationships,” says CEO Ossi Parviainen from NewIcon.

NewIcon wishes to establish a more visible presence in Iran and hopes that a good word will travel far. During their last visit, the Iranians praised the well-organized program and the hosts’ sensitivity to cultural matters and practicing religion; e.g. prayer times were scheduled in the itinerary.

“We want to invest in establishing relations, which is why we are reserving a substantial amount of time during this visit for free conversation and thought exchange. We will also visit the Kuopio University Hospital and several community pharmacies where our devices are used,” says Parviainen.

“We have a strong belief in the Iranian market and high expectations for it. The Iranians are straightforward business partners who do not mull over their decisions for long periods of time. They have a will to act and make things happen, although bureaucracy left over from the economic sanctions is still causing some delays. But things must be done according to law, which is why various inquiries occasionally take time.”

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