Patent Adds to NewIcon’s Value

NewIcon has received a patent for its medicine dispensing system, which is already used at different scales in several hospital districts in Finland.

The process at the Finnish Patent and Registration Office included extensive research and lasted for four years. The patent grants exclusive rights to the invention in Finland, and international patents are also pending.

“We have been a pioneer in developing a new, innovative solution to medicine supply automation in hospitals. On the side, we noticed that we had also developed a system that is globally unique,” says Marketing Director Jori-Matti Savolainen happily.

The patent concerns a medicine dispensing system for the various stages of medicine supply in all units of a hospital district from the hospital pharmacy all the way to the wards where the medicine is administered to patients. So the invention is not a single device, but an extensive range of devices and information systems that together automate the medicine supply of hospitals and clinics.

“The patent is an important milestone for us for two reasons. Firstly, it demonstrates that we have done an exceptional job and are the only company that can offer such a system to the market. Secondly, the patent adds to the value of our company – significantly,” says Savolainen.

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