Highlights and 2017 in Figures

The past year 2017 has been important to NewIcon.

We celebrated our 10th anniversary, and our successful crowdfunding campaign in the spring helped us to move forward on the path to growth and internationalisation. In addition, we established new partnerships and toured the world to spread the message of Finnish health technology. Read more below about other moments on our journey and what 2017 looks like for our company in figures.

The year 2017 in figures

  • We collected a record-breaking sum through crowdfunding: EUR 4.4 million
  • We received 300 new shareholders in the public issue
  • We expanded our operations to 11 countries
  • We established subsidiaries in Denmark and Great Britain
  • We grew into a company with 60 NewIcon members
  • To our pharmacy and hospital customers, we delivered:
    16 storage robot systems
    11 eMED ICON smart medicine cabinets
    209 periodic maintenances

Highlights of 2017

Commercial successes:

30 November 2017: The new smart medicine cabinets at Seinäjoki Central Hospital lower the risk of medication errors.
15 November 2017: A medicine storage robot makes customer service smoother at the new pharmacy in the shopping centre Duo in Tampere.
7 November 2017: The health technology framework agreement speeds up the automation of medical services in hospitals and health centres. 
29 September 2017: NewIcon opened up the Danish market.
30 August 2017: Savonlinna Central Hospital takes a leap forward with new premises and automation of medical services.
16 August 2017: Smart medicine cabinets free nurses to attend to their patients’ needs in the South Karelia Central Hospital.
6 June 2017: Smart medicine cabinets to the Central Finland Central Hospital.
23 January 2017: A second medicine storage robot for a pharmacy chain in Israel. 

Investments and development:

21 November 2017: NewIcon’s Board of Directors underwent a transformation.
26 September 2017: NewIcon is the only Finnish company to participate in an international project advancing the usability of health technology equipment.
25 September 2017: NewIcon is involved in the DiRVa project that shows the outcomes of digital solutions in health care. 
21 September 2017: Survey: NewIcon is the best-known supplier of medicine storage robots in Finland. 
12 April 2017: A record-breaking sum through crowdfunding: NewIcon collected EUR 4.4 million.
6 April 2017: The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is an investment in rapid growth and internationalisation. 

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