Highlights and year 2019 in figures

At NewIcon, 2019 began with excitement, as we organised a share issue in February. The successful round of financing was not the only record we broke this year, as we also closed a deal with Tampere University Hospital to supply the world’s largest automated dispensing system. We also internationalised further as we expanded our operations especially in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries.

See below for other highlights of the year and check out 2019 in figures at NewIcon.

  • We broke the Finnish crowdfunding record by raising a sum of EUR 4.999 million
  • We obtained 407 new shareholders
  • At our factory, we received unprecedented number of delegations from Korea, Russia, France and Iceland, among others
  • We provided our pharmacy and hospital customers with:
    14 automated dispensing systems (ADS)
    57 automated dispensing cabinets (ADC)
    2 IV compounding systems
    369 scheduled maintenance services

Growth and internationalisation:

NewIcon posts record sum of nearly 5 million euros in share issue
Denmark’s vision: A future-proof health care system with a focus on safety and efficiency

Active development:

Enthusiasm for Lean is spreading at NewIcon with the focus now on software development
Modernisation of Maintenance – Sales Manager to lead maintenance team
The people behind the robots

Successful customer experiences in hospitals:

Tampere University Hospital to obtain the world’s largest automated dispensing system
Hospital Nova prepares for pharmacy automation: “Our goal is an uninterrupted pharmaceutical service” Technology lets ICU staff work in peace

Successful customer experiences in pharmacies:

Integrating an ADS with the Israeli Ministry of Health’s SAP
Automated dispensing system assembled from “Lego bricks” allows the pharmacy to grow
The summer season doubles the number of customers at Hanko pharmacy – an automated dispensing system is a great help at busy times

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