What Happens When a Pharmaceutical Professional Starts Using a New Device?

In addition to an international initiative aiming to advance the usability of health technology equipment, NewIcon is also participating in Aalto University’s DiRVa project, which seeks to gather evidence on the outcomes of digital solutions in health care.

“The project examines the outcomes that truly matter to the different parties involved in pharmaceutical services, such as pharmacists, nurses and organisations. NewIcon has developed its smart medicine cabinet in collaboration with these parties, and we also provide assistance on how to integrate it into pharmaceutical service processes. The pilot project that we are conducting in collaboration with researchers from Aalto University will examine how the deployment of the smart medicine cabinet affects patient safety, work processes, work efficiency, the quality of work and cost management, for example,” says Project Coordinator Kirsi Karjalainen from NewIcon.

Other parties involved in the DiRVa project include the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa as well as Duodecim, Klinik, Netmedi, Affecto, Pharmaceutical Information Centre and Telia. The company’s pilot projects are set to be carried out by the end of next year. The results are expected to arrive by February 2019 following the conclusion of the DiRVa project.

“Bright and clear communication regarding the outcomes of innovative solutions is very important for ensuring that organisations procure and deploy the best solutions. This is another area that we are expecting the project to address,” says Karjalainen.

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