Newico Image Renewal

Newico expands its operations abroad, and at the same time develops new products to pharmacies as well as hospitals.

We realized that now is the time to change the look, which also reflects the transition to a new era. The current name of the company, Newico Ltd, will remain the company’s official name. Alongside rises NewIcon Ltd, which over time will replace the whole Newico Ltd name.

New name is way to communicate through symbolism and iconography about the company, which works in the edge of development with high-technology products. NewIcon name comes from words New & Icon, which is clearly visible in the company’s new logo, and is the basis of the image change. New products are also coming to the hospital sector that has the ICON name.

In the new logo, circular symbol represents the pulsating ‘N’ letter surrounded by a cut circle. The cut circle is a simplified symbol of continuity and thus describes the evolving ecosystem of services. N-shaped, heart rate reflects the futuristic approach to issues and it is clearly oriented forward. ‘N’ indicates also the roots to the original Newico – name. The heart rate gives as well good indication of our customer sector.

The New, NewIcon look is not going to be a one-or two-color layout, but we try to surprise with fresh colors. Name suits also better for the ears and speech in English.

Along with the new look, we updated our internet site and a lot of other material where this look will be highly visible. The new webpage is located at A familiar address, works, however, for a long time, and it is directed to our new website. The old e-mail addresses will work until now, but new newicon –addresses work already as well.

For the first time, with new look we will be on the Pharmacist Days exhibition, 15 – 17.11.2013.

The high popularity, received in pharmacies, Fixu Storagerobots retain the familiar Fixu name.

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