Streamline of the project execution

Improving project work was one area we tackled when started the development of a new automated dispensing system. After conducting a market analysis, we decided to focus specially on our project turnaround times. Could these turnaround times be further shortened? We aimed to anticipate market developments, which led us to proactively seek ways to enhance our project workflow. It is important to note that project turnaround time significantly influences the overall success of the delivery project, so success in this development work would have wide-ranging effects.

Reducing turnaround time began with development work aimed at taking productization further compared to our previous automated dispensing system models. Productization allows us to enhance the overall manageability of projects. Improving manageability has resulted in positive impacts across all project phases. This is evident, for example, in sales managers having a clearer understanding of the variations that can be made to the device, the procurement department having well-defined procurement conditions, and the installation process being significantly faster due to standardized structures. As a result, we have achieved faster project turnaround times and, above all, more satisfied customers.

New technological solutions and leveraging the opportunities they offer has been part of NewIcon’s DNA from the early days of the company. It inspires us to continuous development, and we have gained recognition in our industry for it. Often, not all areas for improvement become apparent at the drawing board, and especially the areas that need technical improvement have only been discovered when testing the concrete device. Managing the need for change is crucial in development work.

Development work has required close collaboration among different professional groups and testing of everyone’s expertise across departmental boundaries. Our goal has been to maintain an open atmosphere and keep departmental boundaries low, which has indeed produced results in development work. The broader utilization of features in the project communication tool has significantly improved documentation and information flow within our company. Customer projects are unique, which is why communication must be comprehensive, up-to-date, and efficient throughout the project. Our development work to streamline projects continues because there is always opportunity to do things even better!

Jouko Turunen

Project Manager