IV ICON Twins – From an antibiotic robot to a multi-function compounding platform

Wednesday 5.5.2021

The most common question we receive when discussing the IV ICON Twins compounding system is whether it can prepare other compounded sterile products besides antibiotics. The answer […]


The digitalisation of Swedish hospitals has raised interest in the possibilities of automation

Monday 30.11.2020

In Sweden, hospital digitalisation projects are progressing by leaps and bounds. Development work based on digitalisation has also opened up discussion of the possibilities of automation in […]


Gotect, NewIcon’s distributor in Israel: A partnership that immediately hit the right note

Monday 9.11.2020

NewIcon has had fruitful co-operation with Israeli company Gotect since 2013. Everything actually started by accident – like good things often do. Living in Finland at the […]


Denmark speeds up hospital development in 2020 – efficient use of new technology a key factor

Tuesday 9.6.2020

Denmark’s hospitals have been undergoing massive change in recent years. Via vast reform, Denmark is aiming at better and more cohesive patient treatment, improved patient safety, greater […]


Let a robot do your dull work

Tuesday 24.3.2020

Working in cleanrooms demands precision and accuracy – especially when we are talking about the sterile preparation of medicine. Even though it’s not your traditional heavy work, […]


Hospitals and pharmacies – could there be a spirit of the start-ups?

Monday 20.1.2020

In the Icon News issue 2/2019, Senior Lead Tuula Tiihonen from the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra talked about the digital transformation gaining ground globally, across sectors. In the article, she […]