Medical tourism and long patient waiting times call for investments in pharmacy automation

Monday 18.11.2019

Pharmacy automation is still in its infancy in Indonesian hospitals – only about ten of Indonesia’s 2,813 hospitals* have pharmacy automation equipment. The main reason for the […]


Health care automation in Sweden gaining steam

Friday 14.6.2019

The OECD* crowned Sweden as world leaders in digitalisation in 2018 – a prize well deserved based on a number of metrics. However, when it comes to […]


Hospital pharmacies becoming increasingly automated

Monday 28.5.2018

Back in 2009, the theme of the second day of the Hospital Pharmacy Days held in Kuopio was “Technical applications as promoters of medication safety.” This was […]


Courage to renew and reinvent

Monday 20.11.2017

Research shows that research, development and innovation activities improve the expertise and networking in society. They affect the national economy on an extensive basis, increasing prosperity, employment […]


Pharmacy in your pocket

Thursday 21.4.2016

Social media conversations often indicate that many people have a rather outdated view of pharmacies. For example, few people know that pharmacies are among the leaders of […]