Intelligent software for future needs

The development of Fixu G2 automated dispensing system software has been a significant undertaking for NewIcon, with our coding team dedicating nearly four person-years to the project. The project has been an interesting, and we have been able to create completely new functionality in an already proven system. We have preserved or refined the features of Iso-Fixu and Mega-Fixu automated dispensing systems while simultaneously developing entirely new capabilities. This has required creativity and the courage to explore solutions from entirely new perspectives.

Previously, we had two product lines: Iso-Fixu automated storage systems for retail pharmacies and Mega-Fixu systems for hospital pharmacies. To streamline our operations, we decided to develop Fixu G2 as a scalable solution to serve both customer groups. Our extensive experience with automated dispensing systems has also helped in building scalability on the software side. Software scalability features comes into play when connecting several storage units and their associated ward crate conveyor lines for hospital pharmacy customers. The operation of these systems is optimized with software solutions.

Cybersecurity has been the top priority around which the whole system has been developed. It has guided us in developing, among other things, an entirely new service model that enables, for instance, secure remote access in case of system failures, proactive hardware health monitoring, and the use of a distribution channel for software updates. At NewIcon, we prioritize security by adopting the latest technology, providing training to our staff, and developing our operations taking information security aspects into account.

The adoption of a Middleware server model was aimed at speeding up the integration of various system interfaces. Even complex systems now work reliably and seamlessly with the help of this so called “software glue”. In the future, we will expand the model to our other manufactured devices as well. Existing customers do not need to make new integrations, as support for existing interfaces will continue as before. However, we recommend exploring the broader capabilities and benefits offered by new interfaces.

Fixu G2 software has taken a big leap in its intelligence, enabling Fixu G2 to better meet the needs of our customers. Thanks to the new software architecture, developing and implementing new features into existing devices is now a straightforward process. A lot of water has flowed in Kallavesi (a large lake in Kuopio, Finland) since this Fixu G2 software development project was started. The code “flow” has been just as abundant, and the good “flow” will not be stopped, but we will continue to develop the software while listening to our customers!

Tomi Hirvonen 

Chief Information Officer

Sami Kumpulainen

Scrum Master

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