Quality brings happiness

Thursday 7.2.2019

The fundamental purpose of our work is to make our customers happy. We have noticed that the best way to create happiness is to create quality, which […]


Milestones of a new icon

Tuesday 26.6.2018

In early 2018, we reached a turning point in the decade-long history of our company. Our investments in internationalisation finally paid off as our export sales exceeded […]


From 100-year-old Finland to the world

Monday 20.11.2017

At the time of the publication of this article, Finland is getting ready to celebrate its centenary as an independent country. Compared to many other cultures in […]


Always keep a positive outlook

Friday 2.6.2017

Ten years ago, NewIcon was born like the Phoenix rising from the ashes. My first automation business had run into financial difficulties in 2006, and since entrepreneurship […]


Into the deep snow with aces up our sleeve

Thursday 21.4.2016

It is great to be the third Finnish company, not to mention a health technology company from Kuopio, to have met the strict financing criteria for the […]